About Us

Assets Costa Rica is a Costa Rican company owned and operated by a group of Costa Rican and Canadian entrepreneurs.

We bring decades of Real Estate, Legal, Design & Development experience to the table. Collectively we have acquired, sold, funded, managed and or developed hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate projects over the past 20+ years.



  • Acquire in-demand residential, commercial or industrial real estate properties. Maximize their positive environmental impact and profitability or develop said properties into world-class businesses, creating value to the local and global communities.
  • Establish a new standard of development excellence by implementing resilient/restorative building, social and operational practices, instead of greenwashing “sustainable” initiatives.
  • Create avenues for cooperation, collaboration, and profit in the global marketplace. Allowing a lower barrier to entry for investors and entrepreneurs to participate in large-scale real estate developments in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica.


We are currently seeking corporate partners to acquire and develop existing or future projects in Costa Rica. If you represent an entity that aligns with our goals please don’t hesitate to connect with us to learn how we can work together.