Assets Costa Rica bring the wealth of over 30 years experience and possibly 100’s of years of combined experience to the table with our growing list of partners in every field from Architecture & Design, Sales & Marketing, Legal, Engineering & Construction, Civil and Sustainable Development. The projects we offer are identified as profitable endeavours. They present a positive return on investment and environmentally responsible aspect to the current and future marketplace.

Sustainable  –  Accountable  –  Actionable

We only participate in projects that we feel will bring a positive and needed development to the local and global communities. We feel strongly that all development projects should meet a high standard of environmental sustainability and responsibility and not be merely covered over by the commonplace greenwashing that exists today. True accountability to the future community which will benefit from today’s projects is a core value to our team and part of the reason we hold a very select list of projects. Another tenant of our process for selection is actionability. We only entertain a project if it has a short road to return on investment and few hurdles to the execution of developmental processes such as construction and sales. Projects that require several years for development and attainment of a positive return on investment are put aside for select partners who seek this type of long term projects. Projects that already have in place necessary permits, municipal acceptance and pre-sales or a marketing structure in place are given priority.

If you have such a project or are seeking one that aligns with our values, don’t hesitate to contact us, so that you are first in line when your opportunity knocks on our door.

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