Imagine a life of rejuvenation, sustainable resilience, privacy, security, and freedom



For the past 20 years or more many successful people have held the goal of owning a getaway property in a tropical destination.  At one point this reached a peak where many even bought properties online (sight-unseen). The 2008 global economic crisis changed that overnight. Hundreds of projects in Central America and the Caribbean went bankrupt and unfinished. One of the biggest barriers to these projects coming to completion was the undeveloped nature of the raw land that developers were hoping to capitalize on. Millions of dollars were needed upfront for infrastructure in preparation to build homes. Since these funds were not always offset by existing presales, the immediate lack of cash in the marketplace disabled developers from moving forward. With infrastructures, incomplete many projects were left in the dust.

Developers did not have the technology and access to today’s decentralized systems of electricity generation, water, and food production, and if they did they were far too expensive at the time. Furthermore, building practices in many developing nations were just beginning to learn new sustainable techniques that significantly cut costs and increased value. Today we have the ability to succeed where many projects failed in the past. Today we have the ability to circumvent many of the roadblocks met by previous projects. More importantly though, today, we have a crisis of a new kind that warrants a new solution for our new world. That solution is available to us today.


You have spent the past 20+ years working hard developing your business and projects. You have capitalized on your goals along the way and made huge strides forward. Now you want to find a sweet spot where you can relax, rejuvenate, and freely enjoy the fruits of that labor. But NO, not yet… enter the 2020 Global Pandemic. When the powers-that-be seem to be pushing the envelope of uncertainty to the maximum how do you find that sweet spot?

We see several growing trends in 2020 with uncertainty and fear being the foremost. Today we have the fear of COVID, fear of civil unrest, fear of governments and corporations overstepping basic human rights, fear of food and water shortages, fear of unemployment, and even fear of our neighbors.

We may not be able to solve all of these global issues, but perhaps we can create a community where we can solve some of them, permanently.

Imagine a community that is built from the ground up to be sustainable and resilient through all sorts of socio-economic catastrophes outside. Here are some of the basic solutions we can provide today:

  • Energy Generation – Decentralized Solar PV, Wind, and Micro-hydro microgrids on homes and in the community with ESS (Energy Storage Systems) to provide an unlimited supply of electricity regardless of the infrastructure issues happening outside the community.
    • Benefits:
      • Short-term – The ability to develop homes and facilities faster and without the huge overhead of infrastructure to supply power over hundreds of kilometers.
      • Long-term – In traditional developments without solar micro-grids, only the local utility sees the direct return on this investment. Self-generation and consumption reach thousands of percentage points for ROI over ten years. Furthermore, the sustainability and resilience aspect of this cannot be overstated when the future is uncertain.
        • Financial – In the future when the community grows and so too does its energy production, excess energy can be sold into the surrounding grid for financial gain by the community. (UPDATE 2021 – After significant pressure from the solar community the government has accepted a proposal to allow energy to be sold to the grid by micro-grid communities. This will mirror the European system where utility companies collaborate with communities rather than compete with them for energy generation.
  • Water Generation – Atmospheric water generators are changing the shortage dynamic in the deserts of Africa where humidity rates are extremely low. In Costa Rica, the increased humidity provides the perfect opportunity to acquire an endless supply of clean drinkable water right at the source and available immediately. With global clean water shortages looming on the horizon, this solution establishes a high level of security and certainty.
    • Benefits:
      • Short-term – The ability to develop homes and facilities faster and without the huge overhead of infrastructure to supply water over hundreds of kilometers.
      • Long-term – In traditional developments, only the local utility sees the direct return on this investment. Self-generation and consumption provide an endless stream of water that is magnitudes cleaner and more cost-effective than utility water.
  • Organic Food Production – Growing food locally with new systems such as aquaponics, hydroponics, and vertical farming practices generates higher production in a shorter time with a higher level of purity and food safety.
    • Benefits:
      • Short-term – Using these new practices can provide a sustainable and endless supply of organic produce in under two months with multiple crops per year.
      • Long-term – The sustainable advantages are extensive, including better health and longevity, food safety and security, and community involvement.
      • Financial – Members of the community can participate in a CSA that is owned by the community. Excess production can always be sold at local farmer markets and grocery stores providing a steady stream of income back to the community as production grows.
      • HEMP(Updated 2021) This Master plant has an incredible amount of uses and is ready to harvest within 4 months. The Costa Rican government investment and development agency CINDE has approached us about utilizing a portion of our land for Industrial Hemp production. A crop that generates products from Hemp concrete to clothes, food, and healing products can generate a long-term and sustainable income stream for the community. We are awaiting the government to pass a bill allowing the large-scale production of Hemp. We expect it to pass into law very soon as it was included as part of the 2020 stimulus package to boost the economy after the pandemic.
  • Health, Wellness, and Longevity – An integral part of such a community is our health and wellness. Integrated into this community will be a Health and Wellness center with many alternative healing modalities that may not be readily available in other countries. Costa Rica has been known as a medical tourism country for over a decade due to the lower costs of treatment but also the high level of expertise, equal to or exceeding that of North American facilities. We will provide a corporate retreat facility that will allow visitors and residents to participate in cutting-edge technological and ancient practices to bring life to its optimal state for joy and longevity. Whether staying for a week, 6 months, 7 years, or permanently, this center will be a part of that sweet spot of vitality, joy, and peace.
    • Benefits:
      • Short-term – This can begin with a Yoga therapy center and expand into a fully functioning wellness center and medical clinic in time.
      • Long-term – Health is in the center of everyone’s mind right now and in these times we can provide the certainty that they will be taken care of, not just in the short term but for the rest of their life, right where they live in paradise.
      • Financial – Members of the community can participate in the ownership of the Health and Wellness Center which can provide an additional income stream.
  • Personal Safety – As a gated community, access will be restricted to those who live or work there. Using a de-centralized intranet security system (key card/fob and photo recognition software) allows residents’ data to stay within the community, away from the prying eyes of those who may seek to misuse it. Additionally, the use of natural impassible fences such as bamboo, etc., bar humans from entry but allow natural wildlife to traverse the terrain unobstructed.
    • Benefits:
      • Short-term – Further upfront cost savings.
      • Long-term – Operating our own decentralized security system allows an increase in privacy, security, and control. The benefits here can be far-reaching as the global political structure changes.
  • Privacy – This has become an ever-increasing concern lately in a world where corporations and even foreign governments have access to information that would otherwise be deemed private by common or constitutional law. While we will use every technological advance to our benefit in the community we will engineer those systems to maintain decentralized systems where possible and thus create not only a physical fence but also a digital one.
  • 5G / EMF – There is an open debate about the use of the new 5G and coming 6G technology and the negative effects of EMF (Electromagnetic Field) radiation on human health. While the debate is not over and corporations and municipalities all over the world are moving forward on rolling out these technologies at a pace never seen before by any other technology. Some see this as a clear danger and disregard for safety and freedom all in the name of “faster video download speeds”. With a large community of several hundred acres and expandable to 1700 acres we can ensure such technologies will not play a role in this private community. Instead, we prefer to use equally advanced technologies using light that poses no harmful effects to humans or animals at all.
  • Immigration – Costa Rica has several programs to allow foreign citizens to become residents in Costa Rica. Some of these programs include investment, while others simply a pension. In 2020 the government has proposed a new immigration package that further increases the already long list of incentives for ex-pats, including new tax exemptions, and import incentives.
    • Benefits:
      • Short-term – Some individuals may want to relocate to Costa Rica immediately and can thus do so while their new home is under construction.
      • Long-term – Establishing a second home now can be beneficial in the long term as we see rampant socioeconomic changes occurring all over the globe. Having a second residency can become the ultimate resilience strategy going forward in a world of uncertainty. Every investor knows to not have all their eggs in one basket.